Date of Event:
March 8, 2019
Location of Event:
Ocean Cove Bar & Grill.
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Events at Ocean Cove

Celebrate Your Special Day at one of Sonoma County's most charming venues.

One of our specialties is hosting small, outdoor weddings (up to 40 persons) or, simply a small reception on our garden deck , may be what you're looking for.

As much as we enjoy doing them, the number of weddings and events we can successfully accommodate each year is limited by the calendar, prevailing weather patterns, and the relatively intimate scale of our property and our facilities. It is also limited by our commitment to collaborate with our guests on menus, presentations, timing and accommodations in a way that gives you truly personal and individual experience. It's as important to us as it is to you that we're the right people and the right place to make your event what you want it to be: a rich and beautiful memory that you will hold dear for years to come.

We welcome positive, courteous and loving people of every orientation - religious, ethnic, and romantic - for ceremonies and celebrations that honor love and positive energy appropriate to our place and our people.

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Ocean Cove Bar & Grill.
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